Letter sent in to Times Higher Education

The Open letter to Teesside University that was first posted here last week has now been sent to Times Higher Education. We managed to obtain nearly 800 signatures within a week. This covered individuals from over 100 universities across dozens of countries and five continents. The global reaction to this letter and the solidarity shown by the academic community this past week has been amazing. We thank all of you who signed the letter, who championed this message, and who shared the link and message to others on social media. Now we must hope that Teesside University takes heed of this call, and that other HEIs pay attention and think twice before following similar action.


The full letter and roster of signatories will be published in-full via THE‘s online page. An abridged version of the letter will run in-print later this week. Please follow the hashtag #TeessideProfs on twitter for updates on when the letter is officially published.


An Open Letter to Teesside University

Last week it was revealed that all professors who are not in management roles will have to reapply for their jobs. The outcry on social media from fellow academics and through the hashtag #TeessideProfs has been resounding. In the spirit of solidarity with our colleagues and as a warning to other universities considering similar action, we are looking to pen an open letter to Teesside University to be published in Times Higher Education. This letter will condemn these actions, call for their immediate delay and re-evaluation, question their rationale and also problematise the broader treatment of workers in higher education. Please see the full letter below.

We are looking to attach as many signatures of support from university academics as possible. If you want to attach your name to this letter, please comment below with your title, name and affiliation. Thanks in advance for your support. 

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